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Highway 74 Crossing Finally Installed! December 21, 2018

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We are so thrilled to see one of the projects outlined in the Evergreen Trails Master Plan come to fruition with the new pedestrian crossing at the RTD Park and Ride located at Christ the King Church. Identified as one of the most dangerous crossings in Evergreen due to it’s location where Highway 74 transitions from two to four lanes and increases in speed for northbound vehicles, this crossing will make pedestrian activity far safer and more visible to motorists. This crossing also connects an important link not just from the Park and Ride, but from the entire Pioneer trail to Meadow Drive, which also has a master plan for a future continuous trail connection down the Jefferson County road to the other end of downtown.

We’d like to thank the great folks at the local CDOT operations here in Evergreen who helped to push this through and got it done. These guys have been great to work with and are really working hard to keep the CDOT right of way in Evergreen safe.


Greater Downtown Evergreen Trails Master Plan January 19, 2016

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The Final Trails Master Plan for the Greater Downtown Evergreen Area is complete. In partnership between the Greater Downtown Evergreen Economic District (DEED) and Jefferson County and funded by DEED’s Evergreen Legacy Fund (ELF), this plan is offered to the community and for the community to use in development of future trails projects, grant applications and visioning for how the Greater Downtown Evergreen can develop and maintain safe and effective pedestrian connectivity. Please contact any of us at DEED on how you can help progress this Master Plan into actionable projects for your group or organization.

The link to the entire 143 page document in .PDF format is below:

Evergreen Final Dec 2015

Evergreen Final Dec 2015 Page 001


Lake Trail Progress Update 4/24/15 April 24, 2015

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The blog has been quiet the last couple of weeks as we’ve been pouring our resources into the construction efforts on the Lake Trail Project. For anyone who reads the Canyon Courier, there was an excellent article outlining the events of the past two weeks, the road closure, and the construction events that can be viewed at this link: http://www.canyoncourier.com/content/highway-74-evergreen-lake-reopens

Additionally, real time updates on the progress and the road closure have been available on the EPRD website: http://www.evergreenrecreation.com/

We have been at the site daily since construction began on 4/13, and we’re happy to report that all of the foundation H-piles have been set and half of the concrete foundation has been poured. There was a temporary setback that required the installation of micro-piles for slope stabilization, along with the biggest snowstorm of the season and probably the wettest two weeks since the 2013 floods, but despite those hindrances, we are poised to finish the concrete work next week and set the precast components of the trail during a night closure the following week. Here are some photos:



Evergreen Trails Master Plan Presentation 12/10/14 5:30pm at Wulf Rec Center December 9, 2014

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A reminder that the Trails Master Plan Presentation is Wednesday, December 10th at 5:30 pm at Wulf Rec Center. We hope you can make it!

Evergreen OpenHouse#3 Postcard


Greater Downtown Evergreen Trails Master Plan Progress November 16, 2014

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Most everyone in Evergreen knows by now about the Greater Downtown Evergreen Trails Master Plan by virtue of our Open Houses, direct public outreach with presentations to major community groups and numerous articles in the Canyon Courier over the past several months. Our Consultant, OV Consulting, has compiled all of the great community feedback and is completing the Master Plan this month for presentation to the Technical Working Group for review and final approval.

Below are the boards representing the four key areas of focus. If you have any additional feedback on these, even if it’s simply “great job – I love it”, please comment here or email Chris Vogelsang directly at chris@ovllc.com. All feedback is valuable to the process. Thanks!

Downtown Area Trails - click for larger image

Downtown Area Trails – click for larger image

Road and River Trails - click for larger image

Road and River Trails – click for larger image

North Area Trails - click for larger image

North Area Trails – click for larger image

South Area Trails - click for larger image

South Area Trails – click for larger image

A chronology of the Open House Presentations and all of the images accompanying the process and the plan can be found at http://www.trails4evergreen.org.


Connector trail project at dam scheduled for spring

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With permits in hand, we are thrilled to have finally scheduled the construction for the Lake trail connector to Downtown Evergreen! The full article, written by Sandy Barnes in last week’s Canyon Courier explains in more detail. The copy of that article is below and the article itself can be found here: http://www.canyoncourier.com/content/connector-trail-project-dam-scheduled-spring

Rendering with Wood Railings

By Sandy Barnes
Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 1:40 pm

The Colorado Department of Transportation has granted the permit for the connector trail at the Evergreen Lake dam, and the project is now scheduled for spring 2015, said Dean Dalvit of the Downtown Evergreen Economic District.

“We reached out to the downtown merchants over the last few weeks,” Dalvit said, adding that the timing is designed to avoid the merchants’ busy season.

The overwhelming majority of business owners said they would like to see the project done in April, rather than in December, to keep from interfering with holiday shopping. During the project, several road closures will be necessary.

Goodland Construction, the Golden contractor selected for the project, has rearranged its schedule to accommodate the wishes of downtown Evergreen businesses, Dalvit said. The work could not be done January through March because of cold weather, he noted.

“This isn’t really considered a delay at this point because we could have taken the December window; but rather, it’s a matter of scheduling the construction for the best interests of our downtown Evergreen,” said Dalvit.

The construction will require one to three days of daytime full-road closures between the stoplight and Upper Bear Creek Road in the first week. The following week, there will be one to three nights of nighttime road closures. Some one-lane closures during the construction period will also be necessary.

Part of the traffic control plan includes signage in multiple locations, which will alert the community up to two weeks before the closures.

“Everyone will have plenty of advance notice to plan ahead for their commutes during those periods,” said Dalvit.

The 200-foot trail connection will provide an alternative to the steep metal stairs leading from the base of the dam to the lake trail.

The trail link construction is being funded with a $250,000 Great Outdoors Colorado grant and a $30,000 contribution from the Downtown Evergreen Economic District. In-kind donations, which include a design contributed by Dalvit, an architect with EV Studios, have made the long-awaited project possible.

The project has faced delays because of legal issues with the city of Denver, which owns the Lake Park property.

Before work on the trail could begin, the project design required approval from Denver. Also, Denver city attorneys requested a new agreement with EPRD to replace the existing one defining responsibilities and management of the Lake Park.

Other delays have been created by right-of-way issues, which have been resolved with CDOT. An additional complication was that the bid for the trail connection project came in at $257,000, higher than expected.

The original design has been modified to minimize environmental impacts on the area. When completed, the trail will touch the ground in only two places. Elevating the trail also reduced the cost of construction by minimizing the amount of excavation needed.

After Goodland Construction finishes the trail, handrails will be added along the sides for safety at an additional cost of approximately $10,000.

Contact Sandy Barnes at sandy@evergreenco.com.


Trails Master Plan Open House #2 August 26, 2014

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The second Open House for the Trails Master Plan was more of a working session, going through the feedback from the first Open House and developing those initial concepts further. Additionally, introducing concept characteristics for wayfinding signage and a finer look into which projects are easier to complete sooner had entered the conversation. Below is the information that was presented in the meeting. Whether or not you were able to make it to the meeting, please feel free to add your feedback in the comment box below and it will be included in the Master Planning process: