Greater DEED

and the Evergreen Legacy Fund – Dedicated to preserving the Legacy of Greater Evergreen

About March 6, 2013

The Greater DEED Board, was established in 2010 and elected by our community business and property owners:

Dean Dalvit, EVstudio; Gail Riley, Highland Haven; Bob Cardwell, Stillwater Partners;
Kathleen Davis, Evergreen Players; Eric Gill, Bearpaw Management;
Rachel Emmer, Detritus Group; Jim Sherwood, Evergreen Clothing Company;
John Seevers, Valentine Seevers and Associates; Brad Bednar, Local Resident;
Legal Council: Richard Toussaint, Toussaint Nemer & Coaty, PC

Mail: PO Box 252 Evergreen, CO 80437


or post a comment below and we will get in touch with you directly!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. RamseyFilm Says:

    Aside from following the blog, are there other ways to be involved with DEED?

    • downtownevergreen Says:

      You bet – we’re actually currently working on developing ways for non board members to help on DEED projects, tasks, or anything else that needs some horsepower. Just get in touch with anyone on the board and we can make sure you’re on that list. Thanks!!

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