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Curb to Curb Paving Finally in Downtown Evergreen! September 24, 2018

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Huge shout out to the good people at CDOT for a beautiful pave job on Evergreen Main Street. Not only were the travel lanes milled and overlayed, so, too, the paving extends from curb to curb.

As unincorporated Jeffco, our hamlet’s county road and state highway maintenance are dictated by rural design standards. Those rural guidelines only provide for paving maintenance of the the travel lanes themselves, not parking lanes to the curb.

On behalf of the board of the Evergreen Economic District (EED), we say thank you to the great folks at CDOT, especially Steve Harelson who, for years worked with Dean Dalvit, EED, to get curb-to-curb paving on this round of milling and overlay, despite the rural design standards. Special thanks, too, to Bill at CDOT’s Kittredge shop for the boots on the ground making it happen.

CDOT’s scheduling motivation for the milling and overlay downtown was the result of maintenance funds finally allocated after schedule delays in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Was the national bike race a catalyst to the schedule? Yes, by 4 days. CDOT moved their schedule up four days so that we’d look great and provide a safer surface for the riders and spectators.

We are grateful for their ‘above the call of duty’ curb-to-curb treatment of Main Street. We are grateful for the countless hours spent in meetings with us and appreciate the great relationship EED has with the committed, hard working men and women at CDOT that support our ability to drive, park, shop, walk and bike pleasurably and safely around our beautiful town.




2 Responses to “Curb to Curb Paving Finally in Downtown Evergreen!”

  1. ronspaceman Says:

    Thanks for al you have done and continue to do for our community.

    What’s the status of the ELID concept?


    Ron Isaacson


    • Greater DEED Says:

      It’s definitely a group effort, but you’re most welcome Ron!
      We are still hammering away at the ELID. We’re in regular communication with the county commissioners helping to inform them of the projects and the need so they can fully understand the issues. Political processes take time, but we’ve got plenty of patience. In the meantime, we’ve got four projects independently in the works, so regardless of the timing of ELID, we’re still moving forward with our mission of improving Evergreen’s infrastructure to provide better public safety, economic vitality and improved user experience for locals and visitors alike.

      You can help with the ELID by simply reaching out to any or all of the commissioners and voice your support. Thanks!

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