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Trails Master Plan Open House #2 August 26, 2014

Filed under: Trails Updates — Greater DEED @ 11:00 pm

The second Open House for the Trails Master Plan was more of a working session, going through the feedback from the first Open House and developing those initial concepts further. Additionally, introducing concept characteristics for wayfinding signage and a finer look into which projects are easier to complete sooner had entered the conversation. Below is the information that was presented in the meeting. Whether or not you were able to make it to the meeting, please feel free to add your feedback in the comment box below and it will be included in the Master Planning process:


2 Responses to “Trails Master Plan Open House #2”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks for making this available on the DEED site!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for all of this great information. I would like to add that I hope the signage component of this emerging plan takes a big-picture approach to how the information is styled and presented and how those decisions reflect the desired culture and atmosphere of our community. This is a golden opportunity to further establish a visual consistency in our community.

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