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Huge Thank You to all of the Volunteers and Donors for the Downtown Cleanup Effort! September 26, 2013

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DEED would like to extend a huge THANK YOU!! to all of the amazing volunteers and donors that went into cleaning up our Downtown Evergreen on Wednesday morning and getting things looking back to normal…actually better than normal!


The Evergreen Chamber, EDBA and DEED sent the word out to their respective memberships and the local community for a “restore downtown” effort in the wake of the flood. The time to meet was this past Wednesday morning at 9:00 and we were amazed at the number of people who showed up! The challenges we were facing ran the gamut from flood debris on sidewalks to figuring out what we do with all of these sandbags? The community responded.


In addition, The Home Depot generously donated cleanup supplies, without which the cleanup effort would not have been possible. Additionally, they gave these supplies to downtown for use in future regular cleanup efforts. And for all the hard work, Baskin Robbins graciously gave free ice cream to all the workers as well! Other snacks and drinks were also provided as well.


While the water level and volume is still high, we had to stay safely out of the river at this time, but hope that we can join forces again with Trout Unlimited to do a proper stream cleanup once the water level is safely at it’s normal seasonal flow for this time of year.


We’re so fortunate to live in such a wonderful community that cares so much about their downtown. The generosity has been amazing and we’re still working on how to thank everyone who have helped out throughout the flooding.


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