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After the rain… September 18, 2013

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The flooding in Colorado has impacted our community as many of you know. While we were spared some of the devastation that was seen in Boulder Canyon, Lyons and the farming communities out East, we did suffer some impacts and DEED is mobile and active in order to restore public safety in our downtown infrastructure and get businesses back up and running.


1) DEED has initiated discussions with the Jeffco County Commissioners to address some of the infrastructure damage. Casey Tighe toured main street with us on Saturday as the flood waters were still very high. We are exploring all of the methods of seeing funding through the emergency assistance fund to repair sections of the riverbank that have scoured, especially the failed retaining wall downstream of the ENB drive-through and Centurylink buildings.


2) DEED has authorized the use of Evergreen Legacy Funds to place four temporary restrooms distributed throughout main street effective immediately. At the request of the Evergreen Metro District, in an effort to alleviate the overtaxing of the sewer system, these temporary facilities will be located from the East to the West ends of town and provide much needed service to the downtown locals and visitors.


3) DEED is researching all of the stakeholders that will be involved in the creek repairs and looking for ways to ensure that repairs made are in alignment with the long term needs of Downtown rather than a band-aid fix. Communications have been initiated with Congressman Ed Perlmutter’s office, Governor Hickenlooper’s office (thanks to the Chamber for that connection), FEMA and others. We have also reached out to the local property owners involved and are offering our assistance in any way that we reasonably can that will serve the restoration of safety for our downtown. We recognize that we are likely in line on a long waiting list behind those areas that have seen much greater damage and need primary services restored, but are committed to making the necessary improvements for our downtown to sustain and thrive.



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