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What is DEED up to this month? July 1, 2013

Filed under: Trails Updates — Greater DEED @ 3:47 pm

The Summer has been off to a very busy start and we apologize for not updating the website as frequently as we would like – just not enough hours in the day it seems. In any case, here is a brief report on the activities that DEED is working on this month:

  • The work on the Evergreen Lake trail has been moved forward to late summer. CDOT has informed what can and cannot be built and the jurisdictions have finally agreed who will have authority over the permitting of this project. In the meantime, a trail has been temporarily dug into the hillside as a single-track trail in order to give access to contractors. It has no railing and is not advised for use by the public at this time. The new proposal that is satisfactory to CDOT is an elevated trail with minimal disturbance to the hillside. It will not be the longspan bridge that was once there, but rather a pier supported trail surface with simple guardrails, not impeding the view of the spillway from the highway. We have renewed direction and can now move toward the engineering and bidding of this new concept.
  • The GOCO Trails Master Plan grant which DEED submitted this past Spring was rejected. DEED has sought feedback from GOCO and are restructuring the grant and adding additional content in order to re-submit in the Fall grant cycle.
  • The Legacy Fund has 34 members and the bank account now has about $25,000, an amount which gives us great leverage in matching funds when seeking grants.
  • DEED is meeting with property owners to work on solutions to decaying retaining wall near the bank drive-thru and making sidewalks safer and more accessible by moving signage that is currently placed inappropriately in the walking spaces on sidewalks. We are also researching Right of Way boundaries in hopes that we can initiate discussions for repaving drive lane and parking areas with all relevant property owners.
  • DEED is discussing the possibility of a temporary toilet facility to function until a permanent solution can be put in place. DEED is researching vendors to provide this service and is  soliciting input from ELF and EDBA members on the priority for this as well as viable locations.
  • DEED is generating ideas to give visual cues to the paths and sidewalks in downtown, indicating that one may follow a path and where it will take you. More on that as it develops

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