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Where do I send my ELF check and who do I make it out to? March 6, 2013

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First, make sure that the check is made out to the Downtown Evergreen Economic District. We understand that occasionally you might write it out to the Evergreen Legacy Fund. That’s ok – we have instructed the bank to accept either, but technically DEED is the account administrator.

Then, put your check into an envelope (we have pre-printed remittance envelopes) and then…

1) You can drop them off with Rose at the Evergreen National Bank

2) You can get them to our ELF Accountant, John Seevers with Valentine Seevers and Associates

3) You can hand them to any DEED board member (click HERE to find out who we are and how to reach us)

4) Or you can always drop them in the mail (Evergreen Legacy Fund, PO Box 252 EvergreenCO 80437)

If you don’t have any pre-printed remittance envelopes left, please let one of us know – you can simply comment on this post and we’ll get it and send an ELF to your door with more.

If you’re one of those sophisticated banking types and wish to pay electronically, let us know and we’ll help set you up!


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